Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all your questions about our caring and skilled dog boarding facility. Want to chat with us? Contact us today!

What kind of dogs or breed do you accept for boarding?

We do not breed discriminate at Double J Pet Ranch; Dogs staying with us must first complete an interview so we can evaluate how they interact with other dogs. Unfortunately we are unable to accept dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or people that cannot be redirected into appropriate playtime behavior.

When can I drop off and pick up my dog(s)?



When and what will my dog be fed?

Dogs are fed up to twice a day, in the late morning and again in the evening before bedtime. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is a newcomer to Double J Pet Ranch, we encourage you to bring your pet’s own food to help protect against stomach upset. Please be sure to label your food and feeding amounts (many of our customers use pre-portioned baggies). If you do not bring your pet’s regular food, we will feed your dog our Black Gold Premium Dog Food.

What happens if my pet is injured or becomes ill?

Our kennel staff is knowledgeable about canine first aid and is equipped to handle minor injuries. In the event of illness or serious injury, we will take your pet to our regular vet or to an emergency care vet for immediate attention. You will be notified if your dog is taken to the vet for any reason.

May I leave toys with my dog?

You are welcome to bring bedding, which can provide familiarity and relief for your dog while away from home. We allow toys for your pet when they are alone, but for safety reasons we do not allow the dogs to play with toys when in their play groups.