Our Friendly Dog Boarding Facility

Your dogs comfort and security was the first priority in the design and construction of our dog boarding facility. Double J Pet Ranch is a Colorado Springs dog boarding facility owned and operated by Shannon and Jason Moler. They have a growing love for all animals. This is especially true for dogs, horses and cats. And they see their own pets as members of their family.

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Natural light keeps the kennel area bright during the day, without the need for too much artificial lighting. This provides a calm and easy atmosphere for our guests.


Overhead fans and power ventilation systems ensure fresh air is circulated through the kennel. This prevents odors from building up, and keeps the kennel area a constant and comfortable temperature.


Kennels are situated in such a way that allows for complete and thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Floors and drain systems dry quickly after cleaning.


Each kennel is manufactured for maximum security. Privacy panels allow pets to feel secure and private. Kennels are large enough to accommodate two guests if requested.